The Master Plan

The Endowments Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh has prepared a Master Plan with an estimated cost of Rs. 564.29 crores to taken up various Developmental works at phase wise manner in the Devasthanam to provide various facilities to the pilgrim public.
Under the 1st phase various works with a total estimation of Rs. 137.56 crores is being taken up as detailed hereunder.

Sl.No Name of the work Estimated cost in Crores
1 Water Supply Scheme Rs. 28.95
2 Under Ground Drainage System Rs. 25.22
3 First Phase Storm Water Drainage Works Rs.02.70
4 First Phase of solid waste management works. Rs. 01.69
5 Demark of High Security Zone of Temple Rs. 01.00
6 Construction of exclusive Que Complex Rs. 25.00
7 Development at Pathala Ganga Bathing Ghats Rs.05.00
8 Widening of existing Roads and laying of new internal roads Rs.03.00
9 Construction of Cholultries and Dormitories to provide accommodation to piligrim. Rs. 20.00
10 Construction of Commercial Complex Rs. 25.00
  Total :   Rs.137.56

At present the Under Ground Drainage system and construction of Commercial complex works are in progress and other works have to be taken up in near future in phase wise manner.

Toll Plaza

Srisailam is a temple town under the complete control of the Devasthanam and the Supply of water to entire Srisailam, Maintenance of Sanitation, Maintenance of Street lights, Laying of internal Roads etc., are being taken up by the Devasthanam.In this line, the Devasthanam is Collecting Toll Plaza for the maintenance of internal Roads of entire Srisailam.

The toll plaza details are as follows.

Sl.No. Vehicle Type Amount in Rupees.
1 Auto / Car / Jeep 50.00
2  Winger / Mini Bus 75.00
3 Bus / Lorry 150.00
4 Other State R,T.C. Buses 125.00
5 Load Lorry 250.00