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In the interest of devotees, the Devasthanam is maintaing the following Saswtha Pooja Schemes.

Sl.No. Name of the Saswatha Sevas Rusumu
1 Saswatha Laksha Bilwarchana 20000.00
2 Saswatha Ugadi Ubhayam 20000.00
3 Saswatha Dasara Ubhayam 20000.00
4 Saswatha Laksha Kunkumarchana 20000.00
5 Saswatha Kalyanam 20000.00
6 Saswatha Mahanyasapurvaka Rudrabisekam 20000.00
7 Saswatha Navavarana Puja 20000.00
8 Saswatha Annadanam 20000.00
9 Saswatha Nitya Prasada vitarana
( Sri Swamy variki)
10 Saswatha Nitya Prasada vitarana
( Sri Amma variki)

The amount paid for the above Pooja Schemes will be deposited in a Nationalised Bank and the interest amount of which will be utilised for the performance of the Poojas.

Further the Pooja will be performed on the name and Gotra of the Devotee once in a year to his choice for a period of Ten ( 10 ) years only.


According to legends, God Mallikarjuna Swamy is very much fond of Flower worship and great Devotees like Karaveera, Pushpadantha in the Kritha Yuga and Chandravathi in the Kaliyuga offered flower tribute to God.

In the line of it Devasthanam is maintaining flower gardens in the premises of the Kshetram and the yielded flowers are offering to Sri Swamy and Ammavaru and also to Parivara Devathalau.

Further the Devasthanam has introduced Pushparchana Scheme and Devotees can fulfill their vows through the Floral way by making contributions to this Scheme.

Donation Details
The minimum donation for this scheme is of Rs.1000 /-. The contributed amount will be deposited in Nationalized Banks and the interest earned on it will be utilized for the maintenance of Flower Gardens.