The Temples are dissemination centers for Tradition , Culture, Art and Music since ancient times

Keeping the view of above The Commissioner, Endowment Department, Andhrapradesh has instructed the temples of the state that to conduct traditional cultural programs in the temples in the name of “KALARADHANA” (OR) “NIVEDANA” in every week preferable on the days when piligrim rush is more The main objectives of the program are

  • To offer the Cultural Art forms to the presiding Deities of the Kshetram as a Kaikaryam.
  • To propagate Hindu Dharma , Bhakthi cult, Tradition and Culture
  • To create an awareness about the significance of our traditional art performances such as Harikatha,Burrakatha, Bhajana Sankeerthana, Bhakthi Sangeetham,Vadya Sangeetham etc.,

The Scheme

The Kalaradhana (Nivedana) programme scheme details are as fallows

Sl.No. Institutions Programmes
1 R.J.C Cadre Institutions 12 Programs in a month (3 in a week)
2 D.C Cadre Institutions 8 Programs in a month (2 in a week)
3 A.C Cadre Institutions and
Institutions of 6(a) with more than 1 crore in above
6 Programs in a month

Kalaradhana In Srisailam Temple

As per the above orders of the Commissioner, Endowments Department this Devasthanam is conducting cultural programs on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday. i.e 3 days in a week.
The programme conducted in the temple are Harikatha,Burrakatha, Gatra Kacheri, Bhakthi Ranjani, Bhajana Sankeerthana , Sampradaya Nrityam, Vadya sangeetham etc.,
The programs are being conducted in ‘Akkamahadevi Alankara Mandapam’ of temple premises at evening hours.
As a part of Temple cult, the artists are welcomed with all dignity, Offered Special Darshnam of Sri Swamy and Ammavaru duly honoured with Prasadam, Seshavastram and remuneration. Further preference is being given to the local Artists of Kurnool District with a view to encourage local talent.