The Devasthanam has established Gosamrakshna scheme to protect the Cows and also to create an awareness about their spiritual importance in the public and devotees in particular.

The worship of Cow is the most significant features of Vedic Cult and it raises the statues of cow to that of level of mother and also to that of Goddess. There are verses in the Vedic scriptures which emphasize that the cow must be protected.

The earliest reference of cows in the cult of Srisailam is appears in the local folk of 14th – 15th century A.D. and during that time Hemareddy Mallamma, the staunch devotee of God Mallikarjuna Swamy maintained Goshala in Srisailam. Thus the maintenance of cows in Srisailam Kshetram was in vogue since ancient days.

The Devasthanam has constructed Gosamrakshana Sala near Hemareddy Mallamma Mandiram in an area of about 2 Acres and it is of aboiut 1.5 K.M. This Gosamrakshnasala is having modern cattle sheds along with required facilities and at present more than 450 Cows, Calves and Breeding Bulls are being cared. The pure cow milk and curd supplied from this Gosamrakshana Sala is being utilized for the Abhishekam of Sri Swamy and Ammavaru.

The devasthanam is taking all necessary steps for the caring of Cows such as feeding and health aspects .The cattle vaccination is being taken up from time to time for preventing of common contagious diseases such as foot and mouth diseases. Medical Treatment is also being given to cows suffering from seasonal diseases and to the sick animals.

The required Grass and Cattle feed is being purchased besides cultivating of Azola in Hydrophonic system in small scale. The Devasthanam is also planning to cultivate Green Grass and action is being taken accordingly.


The Devasthanam is also accepting Godanam i.e., receiving of health and milk yielding cows donated by devotees and they are protecting in Gosamrakshana Sala.


The Devasthanam is performing Nitya Gopuja in the temple after performance of Sri Swamyvari Suprabatha Seva as Daily Temple Ritual.

Annual Gopuja

The annual Gopuja is also performed on Gokulastami Day in a grand manner.

Sri Gokulam

As a part of Temple culture the Devasthanam is maintaining SriGokulam in the Temple premises in which 7 Cows are being cared.

Donation Details

The minimum donation for this scheme is of Rs.1000/-, and the donated amount will be deposited in Nationalized Banks and the interest earned on it will be utilized for the care of Devasthanam Cows.

The contribution in the form of Green Grass and cattle feed can also be accepted.

How to Donate

Donations can be made directly in the Donation Receiving counters, which are located at the opposite side of the Que Complex,backside of Ammavari Temple and also near Annadana Mandiram.

Donations can be made by way of cheque or demand draft on any scheduled bank drawn in favour of,

THE Executive Officer,
Srisaila DEvasthanam,
Srisailam- 518101
Kurnool (dt)
Andrapradesh, INDIA

All Donations made to this Devasthnam, are exempted from Income Tax Under Section – 80 G of Income Tax Act