Q) Can I get any assistance upon arrival to Srisailam ?

A) The Devasthanam is maintaining Central Reception Office in Ganga – Gouri Complex which very near to Bus- Stand and works round the clock. There is also Devasthanam information Counter at the opposite side of Que Complex which works from 6 a.m to 9.p.m.

Q) Where should I get accommodation in Srisailam?

A) On arrival to Srisailam, devotees can get in touch with the above mentioned Central Reception Office. There are also 70 Private Choultries which are also providing Accommodation. Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is also having Guest House.

Q) Where can I keep luggage while I am at the Temple Complex of Srisialam?

A) The Devasthanam is maintaining Clock Room which is located at the opposite side of Darshanam Que Complex and pilgrims can keep luggage in that by paying of nominal charges.

Q) What about Punya Nadi Snanam ( Holy River bath) in Srisialm ?

A) The piligrims can have their Punya Snanam (holy dip) in the river Krisahna which here is named as Pathala Ganga. There is a stepped way to Pathalaganga which is having of about 750 steps. The A.P. tourism Develoment Corporation is providing Rope – Way to Pathalagang which works from 6 am to 5.30 p.m

Q) What are the timing of Suprabhatha Seeva and Mahamangala Harathi ?

A) The Suprabhata Seeva is at 5 a.m. fallowed by Maha Mangalharathi and which is at 6.a.m on average days. On peak days like Sundays, Mondays and Public Holiday days the said timings will be advanced for one hour i.e. Suprabhatha Seva at 4 a.m and Maha Mangala Harathi at 5.am.

Q) What are the Timings of Mahamangala harathi timings in the evening ?

A) The Mahamangala Harathi is at 5.20 p.m. in the evening.

Q) Where can I get Suprabham and Mahamangalharati Tickets?

A) The above tickets will be issued in a counter which is located in Temple Que – Complex and piligrims have to get the tickets before half an hour of the commencement of the Seva.

Q) What are the Darshanam Timings?

A) The Darshanam Timings are from 6.30 a.m to 3.30 P.M and again from 6.p.m to 10 p.m.

Q) What are the timings of Arjitha Sevas ?

A) The Arjitha Sevas starts at 6.30 am in the morning hours and again at 6.30 p.m in the evening. Pilgrims can have these tickets from the Arjitha Seva Ticket counter which is located in Darshanam Que Complex. The Arjitha Seva timings will be advanced for one hour during peak days i.e. on Sundays and Mondays etc.,

Q) Is there any advance tickets available for Arjitha Sevas?

A) Devotees can get the tickets of Abhishekam and Kumkuma Pooja a day before the performance of Seva i.e. at the evening hours from 7.30 p.m to 9 .pm for the performance of pooja at the next day morning hours.

Q) How can I get Bhojana Prasadam (free meals) in Srisailam?

A) The Anna Prasada Vitharana (Bhojan Prasadams) is available in Devasthanam Anna poorna Bhavanam which is very near main exit gate of Ammavari Temple (Back side of Temple Administrative Office)

Q) Is there any sale Prasadams?

A) Besides free distribution of Prasadams, the Devasthanam is selling Laddu and Pulihora Prasadams and they are available at the prasadam sales Counter at the back side of Sri Ammavari Temple.

Q) How can I make donation offerings to temple?

A) Offering in cash or kind or for various Pooja Schemes should always be made at the donation receiving counter ( Exit gate of Sri Swami vari Temple,Opposite side of Que Complex and Back side of the Ammavri Temle) duly getting proper receipt.

Q) How can I subscribe for Srisaila Prabha Monthly Magazine ?

A) The Subscription for the above Devasthanam Magazine can be made in the Publication Counter at the back side of Ammavari Temple and also in the complex of Donation receiving counter.

Q) Where can I get Devasthanam publications and Audio CDs?

A) They are available in the Publications sales counter which is located at the back sided of Sri Ammavari Temple and also in the complex of Donation receiving counter.

Q) Where can I get Divya Parimala Vibhoothi and Kailasa kankanamulu. ?

A) They are available at the separate counters which are in Darshanam Que lines in the Temple.

Q) How can I visit other places of interest in Srisailam?

A) The places of visit such as Sakshi Ganapathi, Hatakeswaram, Phaladhara – Panha Dhara, Sikharam etc can be seen through the vehicular journey of own vehicles/ A.P.S.T.C is running site seeing Buses to the said places. Private vehicles like Autos, Jeeps etc., are also available.

Q) Is Devasthanam is arranging Cultural Programmes in the Temple?

A) The Devasthanam is arranging cultural programmes Such as Hari Katha, Burra Katha, Sampradayas Nrityam, Bhakthiranji etc., on every Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the evening hours in Akkamahadevi Almkara Mandapam of Temple Complex

Q) Is there any gardening park in Srisailam to visit?

A) Piligrims can visit Rudraksha Vanam (Rudra Park) in an area of 6 acres at the northern side of Main Temple which views to the river Krinshna.

Q) Are there any emergency medical services available at Srisialam?

A) The Devasthanam is maintaining an Allopathic Dispensary with Ambulance facility, Emergency 108 Service is also available.