The Devasthanam is under the control of Andhra Pradesh Endowments Department since 1949 and before that it was under the management of a Committee constituted in the year 1929 by the then British Government.

At present the Joint Commissioner of the Endowments Departments is the Executive Officer of the Devasthanam and the Administration is headed by him. The Executive Engineers, The Assistant Executive Officers, The Assistant Director (Gardens ) and the Editor ( Printing and Publications ) of the Devasthanam are the Unit Officers under them various wings works by the Supervision of Superintendents as Section Heads and other supporting staff.

There are various wings and the important among them are

  1. Establishment wing.
  2. Accounts Wing.
  3. Accommodation wing.
  4. Temple wing.
  5. Annadanam wing.
  6. Engineering wing.
  7. Revenue wing.
  8. Stationary wing.
  9. Printing and Publication wing.
  10. Dharma Pracharam wing.
  11. Audit wing.
  12. Comupters wing.